The Best Gift for Children! What is that?

           During daily living, almost all parents are exhausting their effort in searching and giving the best gift for their children at various
    personal or seasonal occasions. This activity brings about much excitement, joy, and stress to parents and children alike because
    of peer pressure and personal pride to show off what and how they can do to express or display their love for children privately or in

           The variation in the kind and value of gifts is vast; they may range from small personal items to a huge sum of money or gold or
    property for inheritance. The occasions prompting gift-giving may be personal for birthday, anniversary, seasonal for thanksgiving,
    Christmas, occasional for graduation, promotion, encouragement, or accomplishment. However the goal of gift-giving remains the
    same, that is, to express the love and care for their children, either for real or for show-off or for both.

           Known to us, everything we do in life is always intended to bring in something spiritually or physically to make us feel
    comfortable and in control at different occasions, locations, and circumstances although the success of achieving an intended goal
    can be variable and unpredictable.

           For those parents who are spiritually and physically abundant and comfortable, they will really enjoy the pleasure of gift-giving
    because the possible pressure from various aspects of personal and social life is very low or none. But for those who are not, the
    story of gift-giving will be quite different although they may pretend to be pleasant and comfortable under the pressure of hypocrisy
    and inherent personal and social pride. From parental perspectives, the goal of gift-giving may be a reward of personal pride, a
    intent to recognize and encourage children's accomplishment, a way of legalizing asset transfer, and at times, merely a modified
    form of bribery to keep children's mouths shut and quiet for whatever the reasons may be.

           At the moment of displaying and delivering their gifts, children would usually have a big smile, hug their parents, and say,
    "Thank you. Mom or Dad. I love you.....", and sometimes they may even cry and tear if the value of gifts comes with surprise or
    exceeding expectation.

           In a sense, giving gifts and delivering love is a form of expressing parent's kindness and generosity, which, in reality, are merely
    the byproducts after personal spiritual and physical abundance and comfort. In other words, the expression or actions of gift-giving
    well serve and suit either side's needs to bring in spiritual and physical comfort for daily living. In essence, the nature and function of
    kindness and generosity remain universally the same.

           Taking a look at social and economic standpoints of gift-giving, the activities involved in giving and receiving gifts generate a lot
    of social and commercial activities.

           Gift and love can effectively achieve their role of momentary and situational recognition and encouragement if they are delivered
    appropriately and proportionally in kind, volume, value, and frequency; if not, gift and love may take away their children's opportunity
    to sense the need to do something for themselves by themselves. Through possessing a gift for free, the motivation to do
    something for themselves by themselves may degrade and fade. Consequently, children lose opportunity to properly utilize the
    sensors and functions that comes with life; as a result, they fall into the trap of "use it or lose it". This is obviously a negative impact
    onto the life of gift recipients - children. Yet, the potential positive impact from receiving gift may just only last as long as they
    possess the gift. Oftentimes, sooner or later, the intended value of gift will fade and eventually disappear.  

           Then, can we find a better gift than that of traditional giving, which may potentially last forever?  Through my soul-searching, I
    have found one for all, that is,the best gift, for all, i.e., a success both in teaching them how to practice high quality direct self-service
    to explore their invisible natural resources and in attaining their highest possible level of spiritual and physical value, ability, and
    capacity, which will stay with them and they can use forever as long as they live and no matter where they go.

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