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           How can we make the best use of our limited time on earth and find true
    fulfillment? Author James C Lin, M.D., a board-certified urologist, knows that life
    is more complex and complicated than ever before, but he also knows that there
    are new pathways to a better way of living. Using real life scenarios and personal
    anecdotes, Lin examines how a more rewarding and satisfying existence can be
    easily achieved. Part tour guide and part cheerleader, Lin shows reader how they
    can be more in control of their destinies by setting themselves on the road t
    getting what they really desire.

           Overcoming barriers against self-improvement is easier than you think,
    insists Lin, who suggest that anyone can feel better, live longer, and truly
    understand the purpose of life by simple reconnecting to the information that is
    buried inside all of us. Lin also explores why a sense of need is the driving force
    of living and why it can actually be beneficial in life to feel miserable at times. He
    shows how to develop your own personalized skill for getting along in life, much
    to the benefit of yourself, your family, and the world at large. From health care to
    parenting to marriage and to work. Lin addresses all aspects of human life and
    suggests that perfection is not the answer to happiness, but learning to perfect is.

           Anyone can return to the driver's seat of his or her life, and Lin's wise and
    warmly written book can act as an invaluable roadmap to genuine happiness.


    A controlled, realistic, happy can be easily fulfilled first by recognizing the truth and facts of life and secondly by materializing what
    you can do but not at the expense of others' loss.

    The style of presentation is to stress the reality of life with no words of hype catchwords such as instant, guaranty, free, perfect,
    best, cure, etc.

    ISBN - 1-4196-1902-0
    paperback 248 pages,
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    1.        Introduction
    1.1     Overcome the Worst Barrier against Improvement - Importance of Recognizing the Truth and Facts of Life

    1.2     Understand the Purpose of Life - to Live as Well and to Last as Long as Possible

    1.3     How Can We Look Nicer, Feel Better, and Live Longer

    1.4     Understand the True Nature of Life and Living - a Process of Self-Service

    2.        Facts of Life

    2.1     A Constant Path of Life

    2.2     Capital of Life - Life as an Investment

    2.3     Tools of Life

    2.4     Sense of Need is the Driving Force of Living

    2.5     Truth of an Act - An Act is the Expression of Momentary and Situational Balance of One’s Spiritual and Physical
              Values toward an Event to Achieve Comfort and Control of Life         
    2.6      No Free Service; Any Service always Comes with Its Price    

    2.7     Two Persons Were Never Born Equal, But We Have an Equal Opportunity to Use What We Already Have Inside Us

    2.8      No One is Perfect; Everyone Has His/her Share of Good or Bad Features

    2.9      Total Entitlement and Human Dignity

    2.10    What Goes Around and Comes Around

    2.11    Nothing Wrong to be Unhappy at Times

    2.12    Seventy Percent (70%) of Success Comes From Hard Work and Thirty Percent (30%) Comes from Fate

    2.13    Sympathy and Hypocrisy

    2.14    Everything has Its Beginning and Ending

    2.15    Three Basic Essential Ingredients for Completing a Task - Spiritual and Physical Values, Abilities, Capacities,
               and Time

    2.16    Human Error Is the Most Common Cause for Accidents
    2.17    Losing Common Sense

    2.18    Impact of White Lies

    2.19    Sophistication and Hypocrisy

    2.20    A Disease is the Ending Result and Expression of Genetic Strength and External Insult to the Body   
    2.21    The Spirit and Practice of Life of a Group or Society Are Merely the Accumulation of its Participating members

    2.22    An Action Always Follows with its Reaction - to Serve and to Be Served Are a Pair of Simultaneous Events

    2.23    Is an Invisible Private Sanctuary Good or Bad?

    2.24    Use It or Lose It

    2.25    Kindness and Generosity Have Never Really Existed

    2.26    What Is the True Essence of Democracy?

    2.27    Dependency and Slavery  - Are You under Their Control?

    2.28    Rights and Obligations

    2.29    Courtesy, Convenience, Misuse, Abuse, and Corruption

    2.30    Self-Service and Religious Belief

    2.31    Reality of Sex Life

    2.32    Recreation and Self-Preservation vs. Self-Infliction and Self-Destruction

    2.33    Consumerism and Commercialism  

    2.34    An Urgent Need to Explore Invisible Natural Resources

    3.        Application of the Facts of Life

    3.1      For You as an Individual and Your Life — General Attitude

    3.2      For You and Health Care

    3.3      For Marriage

    3.4      For Newborns and Their Parents

    3.5      For a Company and Its Employees

    3.6      For You and Your Country - Are You Patriotic?

    3.7      For You and the World

    3.8      A Dream Proposal for All and to Parents, Educators, Researchers of Social Science, Medical Science, Health Care

    An Award-winning Book, released in January 2010
         What Is LIfe? - to Live a Controlled, Realistic, Happy Life
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    News: This book has been awarded in two book writing competitions:

    1. 2011 Winner of Best Book in the Category of HOW-TO in Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Competition of North American
       Bookdealers Exchange

    2. Nominated as one the finalists for the da Vinci Eye Award in 2011 Eric Hoffer Award Competition. the finalist will be announced
       in 2 months. But at the very least this book earned its distinction as a finalist.

All Willing Souls Can Do It                  
And We Can Help           
Dr. Lin's Quest beyond Medication and Surgery               

All Willing Souls Can Do It                  
And We Can Help           
Dr. Lin's Quest beyond Medication and Surgery                  
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