Universal Code of Conduct

    Every act has its goals and is always driven by the sense of need. If the sense of need toward what it can be good for you, you would
    go forward, act upon, and take it; if it can be bad for you, you would almost certainly, naturally, and quickly react upon and run away to
    avoid it.

    In order to effectively achieve the goal incited by the sense of need, an endless search for solution has resulted in a long list of
    strategy and tactics as what we can find in a vast accumulation of literature and reports, which is beyond comprehension and
    absorption by scholars and academicians, not mentioning the ordinary people. To make things simple and easy for people to
    follow, the following universal code of conduct is identified and recommended for all to follow if you wish to have an enduring
    peaceful relationship in life.

    Universal Code of Conduct
    Do not get what you like, want, love, or need at others' spiritual and physical pain, suffering, and loss; that is not to manipulate
    others' greed, ignorance, anxiety, and fear with the tactics of power and the disguise of deception under hidden agenda.

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