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    On Drug Uses, (Adverse) Side Effects, Allergies...

    Many people have been constantly puzzled and dismayed by when and how to use the drugs, what may be
    expected, and what they should watch for adverse side effects and allergies despite receiving instructed
    from the prescribing doctors.

    To help ease and solve such unwanted dismay without the siege of anxiety and fear from drug use, I have
    found the following two websites to be very useful and ease to navigate*:

    * Note: Dr. Lin owns no stocks of either sites.

    Dr. Lin's comments

    Reality on Drug Side Effects & Allergies
    Everyone taking drugs likes and wants to be perfectly safe.

    In reality, no doctors can ever predict if the prescribed drugs will work and be safe without any side effects
    or allergy for their patients although they write prescriptions based on their best possible understanding of
    the drugs and clinical judgment.

    The thumb of rules is to use drugs as prescribed and instructed, and see with caution.

    If you feel anything new in general feeling or in unusual change in the sensation of skin or mucosa such
    itch and rash in skin, lips, mouth, throat, etc., you may just watch and see if these unusual changes are
    mild and tolerable; if intolerable, stop taking drugs entirely and report such changes to the prescribing
    doctors timely (don't wait until the last minutes); if intolerable especially with short of breath, fever, faint, fast
    big hive / rash, go to emergency department (ED) immediately.

    Allergy may be not just to the active ingredients alone, but also to the inactive ingredients at times.

    To help understand life reality, welcome to peruse articles in Basics on Life Reality and Self-care in
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