What are the Common Features of an Action?

    Every action we take in daily living is driven by the sense of need - what can be good or bad for me? If it is good for me, go for it; if
    bad, avoid it and get out.  

    Through a careful analysis, one will realize that every action carries following features:

                  1. Every action always has its reaction; so, to serve and to be served or to love and to be loved are merely a pair of
          simultaneous events of life.  

         2. Every action is always short-lived to meet momentary and situational need under a circumstance for its actor.

         3. Every action is always driven by the sense of need, which results from the interaction between inborn invisible sensors and
              internal and external environments.

         4. Every action has its duty to bring in something spiritual and physical to meet the momentary and situational need under a
              circumstance for its actor.

         5. Every action, ultimately, at the beginning and at the end, is always for the benefits of its actor.

    Understanding the truth of the above features of an action will make a person be more responsible, enthusiastic, realistic, lovable,
    and forgiving in daily living. If everything we do in life is always for ourselves, we should not blame others for our unhappiness.  
    For more details, please refer to (click) What is Self-service?
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