What is the Most Common Reason for Never-ending Arguments?

    The key reason to keep a dispute going is to secure the self-defense and self-protection of one’s ego - usually not for something
    serious or resolvable. The details about the ego were described clearly in Section 1.1.

    Simply put, the ego is a mental fortress or an invisible house of a person which s/he has been building over lifetime to defend his-
    /herself. The structures and contents within such an invisible house can be simple, straightforward, or extremely complicated, and
    tangled; it is usually filled with lots of personal secrets, which s/he doesn't feel comfortable to share with others lightly.

    What is the ego (or invisible house or mental fortress for?  The ultimate goal of ego (or invisible house or mental fortress) is for self-
    protection through a timely personal expression to assert and secure the presence and recognition of one's position and existence.

    How can one curb and contain the irrational flame of ego in order to start paving a road of peaceful relationship? First, one has to be
    confident, kind, and generous. To better understand and cool the flame of ego, please review kindness and generosity are merely the
    byproducts after personal spiritual and physical abundance as well as comfort.

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