Is There a Magic in Life and Medicine?

    No, there has been none and will never be; and the magic is no magic in life and medicine.

    For centuries, people, everywhere over time, have been yearning for having a magic in medicine  to "cure" diseases to order to live a
    long healthy happy life.  However, historical fact has said it all; it is impossible, merely a dream and will never be a reality.

    Based on all available information, it is reasonable to state:  

           1. Medical professionals have never cured any one yet but helped many because the underlying
                cause of any disease resulting from the accumulated undesirable ill effects of aging process and
                lifestyle can not be reversed but partially modified at most.

           2. There is no magic in life and medicine. If any, that is to work together and apply all currently
                available, knowledge, skill, technology, medication, and common sense at a reasonable time in a
                reasonable way and hopefully to a reasonable patient. And then we hope the possible best; that
                is all medicine can do.

    Historically, the process of search for cure has kicked in many occurrences of quackery for financial gain. The ups and downs of
    quackery have heavily relied on manipulating people's greed, ignorance, anxiety, and fear with the tactics of various forms of power
    and disguise of various forms of deception. These quackeries can effectively evade and elude the public and professional scrutiny.

    Again, just be a reminder: Life is an one-way street of accumulation, modification and continuation from inception to eternity.
    Historical pursuit for eternal life such as by the Pharaohs of Egypt and many past emperors in China and other continents, after all,
    has just left behind the presence of their mummies and their remains; there has been no exception regardless of race, gender,
    religion, education and occupation.

    In life, we come, we pass, and we go. This recycle is endless. But we can make our life most fulfilled by (click) How to Live Longer,
    Feel Better, and Look Nicer?.

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