The Must-Read Notes for All - a quick review on some common life

    1. Despite a difference in time, location, and circumstances and in race, gender, religion, occupation, and
        education, the essence of life has remained same and unchanged forever in how we eat, pee, poop,
        and mate for survival, growth, and continuation.

    2. The goal of life is to look nicer, feel better, and live longer.

    3. The contents of living is to satisfy two holes; they are the upper hole-the mouth to eat and drink for
        survival, and the lower hole-genital opening to procreate for continuation. If not fulfilled timely, unrest

    4. The malfunction to distribute the power and resource for foods and sex is the very underlying causes for
        personal and social unhappiness and unrest.

    5.  Life is a one-way street of accumulation, modification, and continuation from inception to eternity.

    6. What and who you are represents what and who you have been, and will make what and who you will be.

    7. There is no magic in medicine and life; if any, that is to apply currently available knowledge, skill,
        technology, medication, common sense, and wisdom at reasonable time in reasonable way to
        reasonable patient so to help allow the body to undergo its best possible self-healing process to
        optimize its functional improvement and recovery with its residual strength.

    8. Doctors have never cured anything for anyone, but just modify something for someone to some degree
        at reasonable time in reasonable way to reasonable patients with or without drugs and / or surgery.

    9. Practicing high quality healthy lifestyle without overindulgence and obsession is the surest and most
        important way to give any willing soul a hope to live a long happy life preceding taking drugs and
        performing surgery timely at need.  

    10. Overindulgence and obsession are the most common chronic killers of life, yet least mentioned, so to
           serve the high demand of distorted political correctness and commercialism in daily living.

    11. On STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), many adults are STD-carriers without their related symptoms
          or signs; the only surest way to avoid STDs is complete sexual abstinence.

    12. On contraception, always do HPT (home pregnancy test) in a week after missing the expected period   
          and repeat it in another week if the first HPT is negative and still in doubt since there has been no
          known contraceptives carrying a 100% success or guaranty.
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