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    1. Always practice quality healthy lifestyle without overindulgence and obsession: Why? Because this is the surest way to
       heighten personal energy and ability.

    2. Initiate engaging sex after optimal mental and physical rest and recovery; Why? Commonsense tells us the time to have
       best possible output in performing personal or occupational tasks is after good sleep and rest with full mental and
       physical recovery; so does sexual intercourse since it is a process of very heavy mental and physical drainage, which
       requires enough energy and ability in storage. But the difference between daily living and sexual activity lies in the fact that
       mental and physical drainage for daily living takes place in a span of few hours, but that for sexual activity, in just few
       minutes. So the requirement for mental and physical energy and ability to conduct the activities of daily living and sexual
       intercourse is same.

    3. Take PDE-5 inhibitors at recommended time and dose from their companies and doctor's individual instructions.
        For example, take Viagra - sildenafil, Levitra - vardenafil, Cialis - tadalafil, Stendra - avanafil -   - some 30-45 minutes    
        before attempting to have intercourse while stomach is at least half-way empty; Why? Such detailed use gives the body a
        better degree and timing to reach optimal absorption and blood level so to help the penis function better if personal
        overall functional reserve for erection is still reasonable to work - respond.

    4. Besides, be patient to give a longer time so to allow optimal mental and physical stimulation to induce erection.
       This trend widely varies among men depending upon their age, overall health state, and medical background.   

    If not working as wished or expected, seek further professional evaluation so to find modifiable factors for adjusting the deserved
    care as needed.  

    (James) Chin-Ti Lin, M.D.
            Certified urologist, Award-winning author, Public Speaker, Copywriter


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Universal Healthy Lifestyle
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