Path of Life - Constant for All

    In action, the path of life is constantly the same; you only have one chance to make a step at one moment at one spot on the one-
    way street of life. In essence, the substance of life is fundamentally the same regardless of race, gender, religion, education, and
    occupation. Therefore, the common values of humanity remain perfectly the same and global.

    The availability of having a picture and road map of something at hand will enable a person to find his/her way to reach it more
    easily and conveniently . Let us find and make a road map of life to be available for average people to follow. I hope that your path
    of life will be tastefully decorated with peace and joy. At any time on the path of life, when you look backward or forward, you will be
    able to capture the sense of a fulfilling and balancing harmony and smile with no or only minimal regret for what you have done.

    Despite the differences in the forms for expressing lifestyles due to changing time and location, the essence of life remains the
    same, as does its common values. Based on the common themes, it is possible to find and build the direction of life for all
    humankind to follow, leading to a more harmonious and peaceful world where we all can live.

    Throughout history, all opinions, views, and discussions about life have existed and delivered essentially in the same way. In
    other words, nothing new about life has ever been discovered and  revealed although the amount of literature describing and
    exploring the value of life has accumulated and amounted to an enormous volume, which is beyond the reach of any ordinary
    persons to digest.

    Therefore, it is just simply impossible for a person to read it all. However, if we sift through all the materials in the literature, the
    real essence of life recorded under numerous forms such as the Bible, Koran, novels, movies, and soap operas remains the
    same. It is merely those exploring and describing the process of analyzing, dissecting, and summarizing the activities in dealing
    with searching, improving, and perfecting the matters of food and sex life.

    In reality, regardless of a person's race, gender, religion, education, and occupation, everything we have been doing in life, now
    and then, directly or indirectly, more or less, is always related to this fact as stated. It has been just like that, and it will never

    Based on this understanding, it would and could be possible for us to discover and design the way that is easy for ordinary
    people to follow because it is simply impossible for any person to complete searching and reading all the available literature
    about life, even if he did nothing else but just read. Should someone try, what would he/she really be able to accomplish it?

    Please remember that everyone has to survive and consume food and everyone wishes to continue his/her life through
    procreation. In the real world, most people may at times feel a pinch in their ability to manage their time and energy in fulfilling the
    tasks related to food and sex life. Although the essence of life has never changed over time, why does the production of novels,
    soap operas, and movies continue to explode? It is simply because an ideology of pursuing perfection is always in action, but a
    permanent satisfaction for money, truth, and perfection could never be reached and sustained. Simply put, the satisfaction and
    discontent with the existing conditions are always short-lived. This nature of life constantly urge people to change, presumably for
    the better. Therefore, the intents and actions to fulfill the need for satisfaction are pressuring and demanding.

    In short, everyone has to go through the same path of life that is dotted with birth, survival, growth, procreation, hopefully a good
    life, and eventually death. Graphically, to put it another way, a life needs a constant flow of actions to fulfill the need for two holes.
    They are the upper hole - mouth to eat for survival and growth and the lower hole - genital tract for procreation (making babies). I
    hope the above description is sufficient to depict a clear picture of the path of life for average people to grasp, visualize,
    comprehend, and remember. It is as simple as that. Is it easy enough?

    Now we’ve got the blueprint for life. Let us move on to find and secure the capital for life.

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