Motives to Write Sketch of Peacemaking
    - How to Initiate, Maintain and Sustain an Enduring Peaceful Relationship?


           A peaceful relationship denotes a harmonious state of relationship between or among involved parties, which may be individuals or
    groups of any size; a group may be as small as couples in marriage or as large as a families, churches, institutions, organizations,
    companies, special-interest societies, nations, and the whole world.  Dynamically, relationship is a functional state of interaction between
    or among involved parties.

           A relationship may be visibly displayed or only invisibly perceived. Visibly, it displays everywhere in all the activities among people's
    daily living; invisibly, it exists and is sensed in every faucets of life such as personal general well-being, love affair, friendship, mental and
    physical health. Although any interaction always carries some sense of friction between or among the parties, it will display as a peaceful
    relation as long as all involved parties are able to get their fair shares of need for survival, growth, and continuation without undue effort and
    stress; if not, a display from uneasiness to chaos and violence will unveil endlessly.

           How can we initiate, maintain, and sustain a state of peaceful relationship between or among the people in the world? The following
    brief discussion presents my envision on how to create, maintain, and sustain an enduring peace in people. The outline of this discussion
    is as follows:

           Although, in life, perfection would and will never be, perfecting should be. After your reading, anyone is welcome to question and
    challenge my view and offer your personal view for perfecting a path of peace for all.
    I will deeply appreciate any “better” way of peacemaking.

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