Sketch of Peacemaking
    - How to Initiate, Maintain and Sustain an Enduring Peaceful Relationship?

    5. Application

           The above strategy and tactics of peacemaking are universal and can be applied to all the occasions for initiating, maintaining, and
    sustaining the relationship in marriage, friendship, family, church, organization, nation, and the world you belong to if one expects to enjoy
    the happiness of an enduring peaceful relationship.

           The common examples of poor peaceful relationships in life are the ones between:
    1. you and personal life
    2. you and spouse
    3. you and families and friends
    5. you and companies, and other organizations that you belong to.
    6. you and country and the world

           If the above strategy and tactics are not judiciously applied according to the principle of act as described in 2.11, an enduring peace
    will never be possible.  

           Now, let us use the sequence of events that has happened in Iraq since US-led multinational coalition moved into Iraq to topple the
    regime of Saddam Hussein on March 20, 2003 as the example to illustrate the reality of success or failure in peacemaking.

           At the beginning, we quickly enjoyed an ecstasy from respectful, admirable military success and an instant warm welcome by Iraqis.  
    Somehow, that higher level of excitement and joy only last for a few months.  Gradually, the situation of increasing unrest turned and
    evolved into undesirable violence soon became widely spread and crumbled into current chaotic state.  

           Now, how can we reverse the course of exiting chaotic situation in Iraq to a peaceful ending? Despite the use of various forms of
    diplomacy and force as well as the political assertion of governmental leaders, a light for a peaceful Iraq is still far away and even not in
    sight yet.

           All political leaders or military commanders in charge of the situation have been always very eager to hand down an admirable
    record of achievement in peacemaking during the limited time of their tenure. Due to this pressure of time constraint and the impatience
    of the public, the methods applied tend to be short-sighted and emphasize the application of the tactics of high-handed power to bring
    about a short-term effectiveness with no loyalty to the strategy as proposed in 4.1.  

           Currently, all political leaders, public commentators, politically-oriented academicians, etc. are scrambling to work out a solution for
    the current chaos in Iraq. Despite the presence of never ending frustration and intermittent sporadic reports of temporary decline in the
    number of suicide bombing and death, the hope for an enduring peace has never had a moment of looming yet. Are we ever able to find
    a solution to end the Iraq fiasco?

           Generally speaking, a war is a calculated major undertaking for a country to bring about an end of a major ongoing destruction, as
    least in the eyes of participating countries. Financially, any action costs money and any war does.  The cost for war is not just counting the
    expenditure for weapon procurement and replacement but also for subsequent loss of productivity from all personnel involved in war as
    well as the accumulating war-related cost such as medical care and financial burden for the injured and dead; a long list of bills from war
    can be very lengthy and annoying. Such mounting expenditure eventually will overtake national capability to supply the war-related cost.  
    Lately, more people have been voicing against the continuation of Iraq war although this war has been portrayed and painted as
    inevitable. A potential disastrous concern over the lingering war in Iraq is real with no need for a rocket scientist to figure it out. Instead,
    intuition will come naturally to evidence such a concern.  

           Can we find a solution to end this war graciously? At least, how can we manage to encounter financial imbalance? Otherwise, the
    likelihood to reverse the course of financial deterioration will be impossible.

           Likewise, I am as anxious and eager as all concerning parties to participate in an endeavor to save the nation and the world.  The
    followings are my proposals.

           My prescription to end the Iraqi war is to apply the strategy and tactics as described in 4.1 and 4.2.  

           Briefly, let me reiterate the points as follows:

    Generate and sustain a constant atmosphere of mutual need to supply an interrupted flow of acts to fulfill the matters of food and
    sex life

    Make a process of fulfillment constantly available within a reasonable and realistic reach

    Clearly and constantly realize nothing is perfect and no other better choice than those already on the table and under the sun

    Accept life is dynamic not static; have a viable mechanism of non-violent negotiation available to adjust and reflect the reality of
    inevitable constant change in life

    Avoid the occurrence of mistrust and distrust by not manipulating other party’s ignorance, anxiety, and fear with the tactics of
    various forms of well imbalanced power such as military, political, administrative, or occupational, as well as the disguise of
    various forms of deception under hidden agenda and correct them instantly if present.

    Make a constant effort to prevent from and avoid falling into the trap of emotional quagmire and irrationality for ego preservation.

           In my view, the above six points are fundamental and essential to initiate and maintain the endeavor of paving the path to enduring
    peace. I realize nothing can be perfect. However, in reality and of no choice, an endeavor to work toward perfection from imperfection is
    the only choice we have. Does anyone else have a better idea?  Let us talk and hope a better way to peace will appear on the horizon.

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