As a full-time staff urologist, the busy work at clinic and operating room has made providing public seminars a time constraint although I have
      enjoyed the success in giving seminars in 2010 on "The Secret  to a Long Happy Life" and "The Keys to subdue Stress and Depression",
      which have earned high score of comments.

                Audience's evaluation with the score scale of 1 for worst to 10 for best
    9.375 out of 10 on "Does the program meet your expectation?",
    9.125 out of 10 on "How do you like the content of the program?",
    9 out of 10 on "How is the delivering skill of Dr. Lin?" , and
    9.75 out of 10 on "Would you recommend this program to others?"

    Some comments
    "Excellent presentation & content, much better than I imagined it could have been."
    "Very interesting and helpful."
    "I thought this was a good investment of time. I think your English is good."
    "You are a great speaker, well informed, well knowledgeable about oneself and life."
    "Very enjoyable; made me realize that I am in the control of my life and I make it what it is."

      As time allows, I will continue giving similar seminars on various subjects on life and urology as a part of my commitment to community
      service, hoping to inspire people in a larger scale than seeing patients one by one at office to live a controlled, realistic, happy life.  

      Regular Monthly Seminar
      To continue my passion helping people live a long happy life, I have given a monthly one-hour talk to the patients recovering from drug
      addiction and alcoholism for more than three year inside the institution I have worked over the past five years.

      If you have any questions as to these seminars or concern of daily life, please email me. Furthermore, I encourage you to collect any
      questions related with the above topics for discussion at seminars. Please come with family and friends for bettering life within everyone's
      reach if knowing the how-to; I can help.

     New Book, award-winning - What Is Life? - To Live a Controlled, Realistic, Happy Life, Click the Book.

     A Book in Making - A Guide to Sail Through the Sea of Sickness"
     This is intended to help the people in sickness walk through the hard time of sickness and look ahead to the future.

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