Public Speech for any groups or organizations with the following popular topics:
    1. How to live a long happy life?
    2. How to look nicer, feel better, and live longer?
    3. How to overcome stress and depression?
    4. How to enhance quality of marriage realistically and effectively?
    5. How to enhance productivity at work and in life?

    Consultation, Analysis, and Advice for improving relationship and peacemaking at personal, social,
    national, and international levels.

    Books by James C Lin, M.D. (Chin-Ti Lin, M.D.)
    1. Perfect Sex for men & for the women who love them, ISBN: 1-882792-51-3,
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    2. What is Life? to live a controlled, realistic, happy life, ISBN: 1-4196-1902-0, released in 1/2011
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