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    Social Misery from the Cheating Political Delusions

    What is Social Misery?
    Literally, social misery is adversely induced by intentional or unintentional, knowing or unknowing, social efforts, which are originally
    supposed to elevate personal and social harmony, but go awry to a deviant or even opposite direction leading to make personal and
    social life more unhealthy, unhappy, and miserable than their initial intent.

    To generate good result as originally wished and designed always relies on making right decision followed with taking right action,
    which requires both the input of right information and the adequacy of energy and ability of the responsible entities.

    Nowadays, most of times, locations, and circumstances have been under heavy influence and control of political correctness (sweet
    talk and sympathy) and commercialism, which have eluded and even deluded us. Subsequently, the available truth and facts of life is
    distorted and modified to suit their high demand for political correctness and commercialism, and oftentimes could not be told and

    Without inherent truth and facts, how can the responsible entities - individuals or organizations - make right decision for right actions to

    In sum, political correctness and commercialism can fuzz up the available truth and facts of life and make people got lost in their

    Real Life Examples
    We can easily pick up many examples in the situations in which political correctness and commercialism prevail.

    1. The myth of "We are born equal."
        How true can the statement of "We are born equal." be? Saying so has been always socially and politically correct to show
        hypocritical respect toward people whoever you meet and wherever you go, to shorten the distance among people, and to let
        similarity forge affinity. It has forced the automotive of civilization to move and to share the equality of power and
        resource for all people to survive, grow, and live on.

       As a result, the force behind this statement has become the chief power to push the train of civilization forward from its ancient
        autocracy through middle-aged aristocracy to modern democracy. However, the cargo of civilization has been continually
        robbed by those who have power and money, and are smart; today it only barely leave behind with its democratic symbol, that is,
        one person for one vote.

        In reality, we are never born equal, and we can easily notice and find many examples in daily living. Let us think about why some
        people suffer from inguinal hernia all the time despite having never partook in any strenuous physical activities, and some
        others will never suffer from it despite having taken on many hard physical activities like those for athletes and many physical
        labors. Likewise, we share a same anatomical terminology for an organ or a certain spot of body, but the quality and quantity of that
        organ or tissue denoted by that same terminology widely vary among all individuals. Hence, the opposite is true; we are not born

    2. The Myth of "Customers are always right."
        Is this true? Personally, I have never believed in and agreed to this notion although it has excessively prevailed as an
        indispensable maxim of commercialism. To assure my denial toward this, I have asked many customer advocates if customers
        are always right. Upon such inquiry, they always grinned or smiled, and gave a same answer stating, "No, not at all. In fact,
        oftentimes they are wrong and the opposite is true." Clearly, the act to implement this notion is bureaucratically coerced to meet the
        demand of political correctness. In its very reality, it represents the highest peaking point of social corruption, in which both
        customer and business owner are faking and cheating in nonspoken fashion; consequently, business owners grin or smile
        unwillingly to bear with customers' unreasonable demand, and customers oftentimes walk away with exultation and triumph.

    3. The Myth of "It is Free."
        Every day, we hear or read "It is free." in commercial advertisement through various forms of media or venues to incite buying
        emotion, entice desire, and nudge your hands to feel your pockets for money to buy. Yet, nothing in the world is free, but anything
        always comes with its inherent price.

    4. The impact of "Imbalance between rights and obligations"
        Nowadays, speaking out to assert a right in a right-up, right-down, right-right, right-left, or right-north, right-south, right-east,
        right-west fashion will certainly earn a support of political correctness, especially speaking at right time in right place.

        Despite the popularity of asserting rights from all directions, especially rights activists, how often have you ever heard someone,
        even among right activists stressing the need for how to fulfill obligations? Commonsense self evidences that right assertion
        means someone wants to take something from somewhere, and who have stored that something at somewhere for someone
        take away? It got to be someone fulfilling obligations to hoard something for someone in need to take away.

        Known to us and common sense, technically, life is a process of managing a long list of relationships, any relations are initiated,
        maintained, and sustained by persistent availability to positively envision the hope on how to timely fulfill mutual promises for
        mutual benefits by following the universal code of acts.

        Let take the USA as a huge luxury cruise ship which expectedly needs a deep and wide water way to sail and a high cost of
        maintenance to keep up her luxury and splendor. Nowadays, shouting to demand the "deserved" rights in the manner as
        described above constantly appears everywhere, but its people infrequently or even never talk about how to fulfill their obligation.
        As a result, social water becomes too shallow to float the USA huge luxury cruise ship and the money is too depleted to maintain
        its luxury, but cut the corners to barely sustain its facade. Such scenario will repeat anywhere in time like that could loom and
        repeat in China but just a matter of when.

       Promoting how to fulfill obligations is much less attractive than that to assert rights, most of times becomes politically incorrect, and
        will be abandoned. Unfortunately but gladly, former US President J. F. Kennedy was assassinated after his inaugural speech
        stating, "...ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country.", which is just and right, but politically
        correct. If he survived and continued to promote, elaborate, and stress on how to fulfill obligations, I could predict he would not be
        re-elected because the power of political correctness and commercialism has overtaken control of whole society and left us no
        room to tell the truth and facts of life.

    5. The Myth of "Experts"
       One dubbed as an expert will gain much more attention and earn more respect for being more knowledgeable in certain aspect, tiny
        or vast, of life or science than others around. But, what is the quality and quantity of an expert? Nowadays, most of experts are merely
        a knowledge collector and analyzer of certain subjects; they make an extra more effort to dispense their energy, ability, and time for
        the subjects they would like to stand out than the ordinary people. Inside their writing talking, they tends to subtly pepper it with sweet
        talk and commercialism so to rouse emotion for action to buy.

        As a result, the products are attractive but oftentimes not practically doable for most of people except for those who have nothing to
        do in life.  Examples for such scenario abound like those in writing weight loss as described in

        Why? The main goal of those writing is for money; worse yet, many writings are done by ghost writers or copy writers, who are
        specially trained to insidiously exercise the magic of semiotics and semantics to inject the high power of emotional words for
        marginal information to over blow the value of products for commercialism.

        In short, most of such writers are rich in knowledge, but lack in common sense and wisdom. Consequently, the buyers are hard to
        implement the ideas into actions. Known to us, without actions, all ideas are useless. At this juncture, one can fairly say too many
        experts have driven many people into the camps of unrealism to suffer from social misery and these unaware vast majority not just
        fall victims to the pretense of experts and quasi-experts and commercialism but become social psychotics in hopeless struggle for
        unreachable expectation. So, do something within our control and do not waste time to think and worry about something beyond our

    The above conflicting situations have generated a big disparity between reality and expectation, which is far beyond the reach of reality.

    What and who are responsible for such paradox? That is the rein of political correctness and commercialism nudging whole society
    into the box of social malady filled with political correctness-sweet talk and sympathy, commercialism, information over-flooding and
    misunderstanding. Naturally, mental anguish emerges and emits throughout the living atmosphere with socially coerced pretense
    and gesture. With such distorted mindset and pretense, we politically over-decorate, beautify, and glorify the real face of our daily living
    under social coercion. As a result, uneasiness and discontent permeate in personal inner sphere behind smile and gesture; social
    misery ensues and prevails to torment the hearts of people with the dismay by something unreachable.

    How To Solve the Above Discussed Social Misery?
    How to improve and even avoid the emergence of such social paradox and misery? As the surest rule to solve any life maladies and  
    calamities, the first step of solution is to avail our honesty, willingness, and courage to face, realize, understand, and accept the
    available truth and facts of the detailed sequence of all life events so as to possibly break away from the rein of political correctness
    and commercialism. Thereby a prairie of freedom and a clarity of bright vision maybe will loom for us to explore and live a life for all to
    survive, grow, and live on as well and as long as possible.
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