Approach - Technical Aspects
    Method,  Requirement & Cost, Result & Expectation, Alternative, & Resource

    - Simple and easy; through constant self-care, to make sure that everything we do in life, spiritually and physically, always leading
      to self-preservation

    Requirement & Cost
    - Free and low; simply to start the spirit and practice of direct self-service just like car owners would do for their own cars if they wish
      to see their cars to look nicer, run better,and last longer.

    Result & Expectation
    - instant & guaranteed
    - a better society and a more peaceful world because more participating individuals will become more responsible, enthusiastic,
     productive, independent, lovable, and forgiving.

    - None; although nothing has been perfect, there is no other better choice just like what former President J. F. Kennedy stated:
     Democracy is not best, but there is no other better system. I admire and respect his courage to admit the truth of realistic life.

    - Tools, material, & information; for detail, click Services .

    Together, we can make an instant, great difference for us and others..., and the world by simply exploring our inborn (Click!)  Invisible
    Natural Resources.

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