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    What Is the Most Common Cause for Accidents? - It Is Human Errors

    Reluctance to admit mistake obscures the real cause of “accidents”. Then, betterment will be

    Every day, we constantly hear about the news of accidents here and there in the world. What is an
    accident anyway? It represents a scene of disaster or mischief which deemed “unavoidable” or

    How true is it unavoidable? If we honestly take a close look at the potential contributing factors of any
    mischief or disaster by examining the three well-recognized, basic, indispensable essential
    ingredients for a successful task performance spiritual and physical efforts, plus timewe will
    have no difficulty to discover that human error is responsible for the occurrences of most of “mistakes
    or accidents.” In many situations, for the sake of social grace, we do not press hard to unveil the truth
    of responsibility, but simply blame “disasters” as accidents. As a result, no one is blamed or needs to
    assume responsibility and the society or system will cover the tab of cost resulting from the

    How do we manage the occurrence of an accident? Again, how we manage it usually reflects the
    ultimate accumulation of spiritual and physical values toward the event in a person, a group, a society,
    a nation, and the world. For instance, in our country, more and more, no individual is willing to take
    personal responsibility for something, but, instead, we let our well-designed system take
    responsibility at the expense of public resources. And the ego of all involved parties in accident is then
    well preserved; the society moves on. So doing, the sense of personal responsibility in the involved
    persons would be taken away. As a result, that person who was actually responsible for accidents will
    become less likely to make a genuine effort to improve himself in order to avoid the recurrence of
    accidents. And he/she learned the sweet taste of cheating and lying. On the other hand, in some
    situations, due to the intensity of the potentially existing punishments, a person or a group might make
    every effort to generate a good record to document and even cover their wrongdoings in order to avoid

    Truthfully, we realize that an accident usually can be avoided because most accidents truly result from
    the improper use of your inner resources — spiritual and physical values, abilities, and capacities,
    plus time. For the benefit of individuals and society, we should apply this basic understanding to avoid
    the occurrence of an accident at any cost.

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