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    Consumerism and Commercialism
    - The overstretch of consumerism and commercialism has distorted the value of truth and facts of life.

    Consumerism and commercialism in the business world is a pair of organized and sophisticated effort for self-service. Both exist in
    two opposite camps of self-service but largely in an opposite direction of their delivery.

    Generally speaking, by number, the members in consumerism camp are a majority; those in commercialism, a minority. However,
    the general characters of their operation and power structure in these two camps are obviously different. Those from consumerism
    are less money-conscious and organized; those from commercialism are more collectively organized, adventurous, and money-
    sensitive. Because of these structural differences, merchant minority have historically taken a full advantage and control through
    various forms of sophisticated manipulation to brainwash consumer majority. As a result, despite being as majority, consumers
    have been under disadvantage at the mercy of merchants and corporations. Yet, the bottom line of their intents has remained same
    for self-service, that is, "What can be good for me?".

    As time goes on, experience increases, resource deplete, and competition for survival, growth, and continuation heightens.
    Inevitably, the sense and pressure of need for self-service emerge and intensify. Driven by such, the effort to making adjustment so
    to reach their ultimate goal of self-service appears and flourishes.

    As the pressure to search for "What can be good for me?" intensified, the practice of sophisticating manipulation marches in so to
    reach a higher level of the ever-demanding benefit to fulfill their ultimate goals of life, i.e, survival, growth, and continuation.

    As discussed in "What is Life?", there is nothing wrong to be self-serving as long as the acts for self-service is not accomplished
    through manipulating others' ignorance, anxiety, and fear with the tactics of political, administrative, and occupational power and the
    disguise with various forms of overt or subtle deceptions under hidden agenda. However and unfortunately, the ever-increasing
    intensity of consumerism and commercialism has unavoidably and gradually transformed and even distorted the truth and facts of
    life. Consequently, what people like, want, and love to have is oftentimes not what they need.

    To avoid falling into the trap resulting from ill effects of value distortion, illusion, and confusion, consumers need to be aware of the
    existence of these undesirable phenomena. Then, they will have a better control over their life, instead of being controlled by
    something from the outside. At this stage of mental confusion, many consumers become the victims of commercialism because
    merchants as a group hold more forms of collective power in their favor. To balance this traditional unfair equation and to avoid
    social uprising and chaos, imperfect democracy for majority rule emerged and accepted. Subsequently, movement and legislation
    to protect disadvantaged consumers are formed and implemented.

    Despite of the availability of laws to protect consumers, after all, merchants are more sophisticated and have more power to forge
    and establish rules and regulations in their favor.

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