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    A Dream Proposal for All and to Parents, Educators, Researchers of Social Science, Medical Science, Health Care,…

    The focus of this discussion would be the elaboration of the relationship between an individual and a group of any nature — a
    couple, a family, an ethnic group, a country, and the world. Needless to say, such a relationship is very close and intimate. The
    accumulation of individuals’ spiritual and physical values, ability, capacity, and time will become that of a group. This fact is
    undeniable. Therefore, an educational effort to implement the concept and practice of direct and indirect self-service for individuals
    should be beneficial for all humankind. Then, the place where people live now and in the future, either at home, in a town, in a state,
    in a nation, or the world in general, will be more prosperous and peaceful if the spirit and practice of direct and indirect self-service
    are observed, respected, and implemented in daily life without manipulating ignorance, anxiety, and fear through the tactics of
    deception and power under hidden agenda.

    I hope my audience may include parents, educators at various levels, academicians, and researchers of social sciences, medical
    science, health care, etc. Furthermore, I hope some of them may be sufficiently inspired to initiate an educational effort for their
    children, students, and patients, as well as the investigation into the effects from the spirit and practice of direct and indirect self-
    service before and after providing the educational effort of these things as described in this book. I strongly believe that the approach
    described in the book can effectively tap and reveal the inner power of every individuals leading to their higher willingness to mobilize
    all the senses inside the body into action to maximally unfold their daily life without a hidden agenda and manipulation of ignorance,
    anxiety, fear, deception, and power. If we can implement such an educational effort systemically, we can foresee a significant
    improvement in the mental and physical well-being at a personal level, a decrease in the cost of health care, a decrease in social
    disorders and crime, an increase in productivity, and a heightening in the sense of autonomy and independence.

    For the long-term benefit of the society, nation, and the world, I do believe any responsible governments, institutions, and individuals
    should have an interest, or at least a curiosity, to look into the possibility to explore and utilize the inner power of individuals as
    described. The complexity and cost to conduct such researches require no expensive, high-tech equipment. All we need are some
    grants and manpower to provide the proposed educational effort and to analyze and compare the changes before and after
    implementing such a program.

    To attest this concept, it would be worthwhile to design a project to implement the concept and practice of life as described in this
    book for the existing people and younger generations.

    My Dream Proposal:

    1.         Title:
                A Pilot Investigation in the Potential Benefits of the Proper Application of Direct and Indirect Self-Service.

    2.        Abstract:
               The power from the inner resources of individuals is readily available; yet, it
               has been frequently overlooked and untapped for improving personal ability
               to live a life under autonomy and independence and for fulfilling matters
               pertaining to food and sex life.
               Through a process of educational effort with a logical approach as
               described in this book, the average individual would be able to realize what
               he or she has inside himself. Furthermore, he could become confidently
               understanding about what and  where his personal needs, abilities, and
               willingness for fulfilling his life are. Through such a fundamental
               understanding, the personal inner power can be unleashed naturally
               without undue pressure. As a result, the persons who accept the spirit and
               practice of this educational effort will become more peaceful, more
               productive, and more independent than ever. Naturally, such benefits will
               popularly emerge to improve the overall livability of society, the country, and
               the whole world.

    3.        Targeted participants:
    •        General public from all walks of life
    •        Upcoming new parents
    •        Students of various levels of schools

    4.        Targeted organizations:
               Governmental institutions and schools, especially those of higher education, clinics of primary care, pediatric care,
               obstetric care, etc.

    5.        Methods:
           a. A well-trained team provides a systemic educational effort to the targeted participants of the study. The focus
               of the educational effort is to understand:
  •       What is life?
  •       What is the most realistic feature of life?
  •       What is direct and indirect self-service?
  •       How to implement the practice of self-care and self-service?

           b. Record, compare, and analyze the potential changes in various parameters such as mental and physical
               health, personal productivity, frequency of social disorder and crime, a change in medical costs, etc. before
               and after receiving the educational input.

    6.        Reports:
               After a period of recording and follow-up, the available information can be analyzed to verify the potential benefit to
               upgrade their spiritual and physical values, abilities, and capacities of the participating individuals. Then, a  
               conclusion can be drawn.

    Of note, it would be most interesting and valuable to initiate an effort to educate new parents for nurturing and raising their newborns.
    Then the participating individuals can be closely followed for 10–20 years, just like those studies for patients with hypertension in the
    community. Such an effort should be well worth it for the long-term benefits of the society, the nation, and the world. Potentially, such
    research can be initiated through programs in higher education.

    Invitation, Challenge, and Action!
    If you are convinced with what the potential power from the above proposal can do for people and the world, let us join and work
    together for a better future of all in the world. For more information, please click Contact Us

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