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    The following collection of websites has more christianity-oriented sites than others due to their availability; there is no intent
    of discrimination. The high-speed communication has been quickly breaking the barrier of inter-racial marriage and class
    segregation to form a global melting pot of marriage.

    A life is a constant changing, adjusting dynamic process of "self-service"; so is marriage at personal, social, and global level.

    1. : A free encyclopedia provides some articles on the forms and
        definitions of marriage throughout history and across cultures. Includes information on societal
        recognition and ....

    2. : For Marriage Partnership - Helping couples grow their
        marriage through Biblical principles while living in the real world with real issues ... Marriage Junk
        Mail. Its seductive promises ... 20 people bookmarked this page under: marriage - christian - advice.

    3. & :  For exploring marriage and marriage
        issues; it offers articles on basic marriage help and tips on coping with difficult issues. Also
        includes marriage news, its stages, advice, and self-tests.  

    4. :  Definition of marriage from the Merriam-Webster Online
        Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games.

    5. :  From Marriage Channel.  FamilyLife, a division of Campus Crusade for Christ,
        provides practical, biblical tools to strengthen marriage and family relationships, including the
        FamilyLife ... .  

    6. : Learn about the Jewish concept of finding your soul mate, Jewish weddings, the
        process of acquiring a spouse, and the marital relationship.

    7. :  From Church of Scientology: Marriage Scientology booklets to help you
        improve a specific area of your life, through the application of these Scientology technologies.     

    8. : Biblical Solutions for Life ... submit a few facts about women, based on more
        than two decades of marriage. ... to Positive Change in Your Marriage. Do You Speak Your Mate's
        Language? ... .

    9. :  Christian Marriage :: Marriage Enrichment at Growthtrac :: Building ...
        marriage, with products, content and services based on solid Christian marriage principles. ...
        Today, we're not just about marriage preparation. ... 22 people bookmarked this page under:
        marriage - relationships - christianity.

    10. :  From ACF Healthy Marriage Initiative  

    11. : frontline: let's get married | PBS :: Marriage ... what
           liberals can learn from the marriage movement, and what they can add to ... turn the social tide
           and make marriage once again the norm? ...

    12. : Marriage Builders ® - Successful Marriage Advice  ::  Answering
          questions about relationships, marriage counseling, and divorce. From Dr. Willard F. Harley,
          author of His Needs, Her Needs. 132 people bookmarked this page under: marriage -
          relationships - love.

    13. :  Coalition for Marriage, Family & Couples Education, L.L.C.  -
          Clearinghouse for marriage and relationship programs. Includes articles, directory, conferences
          and seminars. 100 people bookmarked this page under: marriage - relationships - advice.

    14. :  Help Save Marriage! Sign the Marriage Protection ... From the
           American Family Association. Includes information about the proposed Federal Marriage
           Amendment and articles defending marriage as a heterosexual institution. ....

    More information may be added for your convenience.  

    I wish you enjoy a wonderful, intimate marriage.
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