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    Latest Updates on Cryo Online Data Registry Outcomes: Minimum Five Year Follow up Data

    Authors: David Levy*, Euclid, OH, Christopher Williams, Jacksonville, FL, Thomas Polascik, Durham, NC, Stephen Jones, Cleveland,
    Abstract: MP45-16 in 2014 AUA Convention in Orlando, Florida

    Introduction and Objectives
    We report a comprehensive update of 5 year COLD Registry outcomes for patients undergoing primary whole gland prostate

    A risk stratified cohort of 1,111 treatment naïve patients who underwent primary whole gland cryoablation was identified. 5 year
    biochemical progression free Kaplan Meier survival curves were constructed based on Phoenix definition.

  • Overall bPFS* was: 79.9%, 64.1% and 68.1%, low, intermediate and high risk, respectively, (Figure 1).

  • For 817 (73.5%) patients with nadir PSA < 0.4 ng/ml, bPFS* was 91%, 80.5%, and 77.6%, low, intermediate and high risk,

  • Patients with a nadir PSA > 0.4 ng/ml demonstrated 24-month biochemical progression rates in excess of 34%.

  • Continence was preserved in 93.4% of patients, while 5.9% of patients had retention and 0.5% developed a rectal fistula.

  • Potency data entered into the Registry data base revealed that 35% of patients were potent at 12 months.

  • 5 year bPFS* following prostate cryoablation is comparable to surgical and radiation outcomes across all risk categories with a
    lower likelihood of procedure related complications.

  • A nadir PSA > 0.4 ng/ml predicts a high likelihood of biochemical progression and warrants close follow up.

* bPFS: biochemical progression free survival

    Date & Time: May 18, 2014 3:30 PM-5:30 PM
    Session Title: Prostate Cancer: Localized III
    Sources of Funding: none

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