What Does a Fulfilling or Fulfilled Life Mean to Us?

    Everyone has their own definition of a fulfilling or fulfilled life.

    Why? Of no doubt, the scope and the contents of the accumulated past of a person make the answer to this question different.
    Through my lifelong personal and professional interaction and observation among different people over different continents, I
    come to the following thoughts to share with you.  Hopefully, my answer to this question can be universally applicable, regardless
    of race, gender, religion, education, and occupation.

    First, let us honestly and openly realize and admit: We are not born equal in terms of inborn intelligence, social background, and
    geographical difference.

    Second, let us recognize: All human beings have the same path of life through birth, survival, growth, aging, ailing, and death as
    Confucius of China stated thousand years ago.

    Third, let us realize and verify: Life is merely for two holes; the upper hole is the mouth to eat for survival and growth and the lower
    hole is genital opening to copulate for procreation, as stated in a common, traditional saying of Taiwanese. Why? The historical
    facts of life have told us: everything we have done and recorded in all the literatures about human life, including the Bible, the
    Koran,...etc. has been always, directly or in directly, related with observing, collecting, analyzing, dissecting, and summarizing the
    activities in dealing with searching, improving, and perfecting the matters for food and sex life.

    Fourth, let us admit: Life is a constantly changing, adjusting dynamic process of self-service.

    Fifth, let us realize: Why do people want to get together in various forms of relationship, interpersonally or internationally? An
    extension of thinking as stated in the above (the Fourth) will recognize the fact: People get together is intended to accomplish a
    higher level of self-service, which they cannot have it or accomplish it if they live alone.

    Sixth, let us observe and respect the universal principle of act: It is nothing wrong to be self-serving as long as self-service is not
    accomplished through manipulating others' greed, ignorance, anxiety, and fear with the tactics of various forms of power and the
    disguise of various forms of deception under hidden agenda.

    Finally, seventh, let us observe and respect that: We do not just have the rights to survive and grow but also have the obligation to
    help our all fellow human beings to do the same under the guidance and practice of universal principle of act as stated above.

    Through the above understanding, it is reasonable to conclude: a full feeling/fulfilled life is the one that has been able to capture
    and secure the sense of mental and physical comfort and control as much, as good, and as long as possible without the
    expense of others' suffering, pain, and loss throughout the course of surviving, growing, aging, ailing, dying, and fading away.  
    The deeper and longer during lifetime one can submerge in the atmosphere of sensing the comfort and control of living without
    others' loss, the more fulfilling/fulfilled one's life can be.

    How can we make the above dream come true to fulfill a life? it is simple; it is accomplished through fully nurturing and utilizing all
    our inborn invisible natural resources (please click it), not through manipulating, cheating, stealing, robbing,... at the expense of

    This is my take; how is yours? you are welcome to add your discussion and even challenge me.  And let us brainstorm to create a
    better world for all.

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