Author's Note
    After practicing urology for 36 years, I have discovered we together can do more and better than what medication and surgery can
    do by
    practicing high quality direct self-service - Universal Healthy Lifestyle - to nurture our innate invisible natural resource, which anyone
    can accomplish it without additional cost if they know how to.  

    The first secret is, courageously and responsibly, to realize, understand, and accept the available truth and facts of life.

    Don't let the words - For Me First and direct self-service - bother and scare you. The intent of "For Me First" is to practice Universal
    Healthy Lifestyle for our own life just like the former US President J. F. Kennedy's saying -- "...ask not what your country can do for
    you, but ask what you can do for your country."

    So, let us explore, discover, keep, and use it as our secret key to unlock the door to a long happy life by unleashing the power of
    “For Me First” to practice: Ask not what healthcare can do for you alone, but ask what you can do for your own health by yourself
    from practicing Universal Healthy Lifestyle first.

    Quality direct self-service (For Me First) ensures our future and makes us climb to a higher mountain top of readiness and
    preparedness to serve, care, and love others and ourselves more and deeper than ever.

    It is nothing wrong to be self-serving to get what we like, love, want, and need as long as we don't manipulate others' greed,
    anxiety and fear with the tactics of power and the disguise of deception at the expense of others' pain, suffering, and loss under
    hidden agenda.

    From Dr. Lin's lifelong personal and professional observation and experience, he garnered, analyzed, summarized, compiled, and
    packed all the available truth and facts of life into his award-winning book What Is Life? - to Live a Controlled, Realistic, Happy Life,
    published in January 2011.
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    Dr. Lin's books
    1. Perfect Sex for men & for the women who love them, published in 1998
        ISBN: 1-882792-51-3. To view its content, click Perfect Sex; to buy, click                  

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    2. One of the Finalists for da Vinci Eye Award in 2011 Eric Hoffer Award Competition

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    professional care. If any question arises, please seek professional counseling at your own cost.
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       The outcome of practicing it is sure and guaranteed for all willing practitioners. Yet, you don't need to spend an extra penny out of  
       your pockets and can reach your deserved ultimate happiness of life. So, you have nothing to lose, but all to gain

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                - to focus on how ED could be realistically and optimally treated so to ease the anxiety of ED-affected men.     
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