An Urgent Need to Explore Invisible Natural Resources

    Invisible natural resources embedded inside all human beings are at least equally important as visible natural resources. Exploration
    of invisible natural resources carries no ill effect but benefits.

    The excitement from exploring the nature has been the contemporary buzzwords to entice the bright minority group of younger
    generations to test and push the limit of science and manpower. History has shown us how these brilliant people have done to
    explore the nature – anything and anywhere in/on the earth and the sky. And they have been flying into the sky hoping to reach the very
    limit of the cosmic, walking into the woods to reach the new frontiers of lands, digging down and down into the depth of soil hoping to
    discover more and more what we need to sustain our need for growth and lavishness, and diving deeper and deeper into the sea
    hoping for discovery more and more of the unknown.

    These activities are visible and displayed in various forms of media with excitement and glamour. All these activities are driven by the
    urge of need hoping to secure and capture the mental or physical rewards of fame or prosperity which are chiefly accomplished by the
    smart minority people. Graciously admitted, beside these smart people, all humankind are also benefited from “improving” our quality
    of life of today’s standard. However, unfortunately, we have to face the undesirable consequence: The more the exploration of the
    nature advances, the more we all humankind have to pay the price from sequential destruction of the natural environments. Where is
    the balancing point between the excitement and reward from exploring these visible natural resources and the destruction and loss of
    irreplaceable and irrecoverable natural environments? To assess and search for such a balancing point, the battle between spiritual  
    and physical value and that between farsightedness and shortsightedness will go on and intensify with no end but until the end of
    living beings.

    Contrary to these visible frontiers of traditional natural resources, however somehow, we have been seemingly ignoring and missing
    something that is at least equally important if not more than the visible natural resources, to explore. That is our already possessed
    invisible natural resources embedded with all of us at birth.

    Due to traditional personal and social mismanagement, these invisible natural resources have been either underused, or misused,
    or abused, or even voluntarily or involuntarily spoiled by the majority of people. Generally speaking, the more we do explore our inner
    natural resources, the more we will gain a better mental and physical health, the more we will be able to learn to enrich our spiritual
    and physical value, ability, and capacity, the more accurate and efficient we are able to interact with our internal and external
    environments, the more we will be productive at work and in life, the more we will become autonomous, and, finally the more we will
    be independent.

    Of course, please remember that anything we do and accomplish should not be at the expense of someone’s pain, suffering, and
    loss through manipulating others’ ignorance, anxiety, and fear with tactics of administrative, political, or occupational powers and the
    disguise of various forms of deception under hidden agendas. If we do or apply these dirty tricks, there will be no peace in minds,
    society, and the world but never ending chaos. As we can see, a full exploration of these invisible natural resources in all human
    beings will generate only benefits to let us look nicer, feel better, and live longer but with no collateral side effect. Why don’t we do that

    For more details of exploring the invisible natural resources inside every human beings, please click What is Life?  And refer to
    Sections 2.2, 2.3, 2.24, 2.27, & 3.4.

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