Are You Really Kind and Generous? Have Kindness and Generosity Ever Really Existed?

    Nothing is free; everything carries its cost and price. The same truth holds for kindness and generosity and they are merely the
    byproducts after personal spiritual and physical abundance and comfort.

    You may have heard that some individuals were loudly praised for being kind and generous.  The recipients of praise are happy
    and even feel flattered; bystanders would admire and even envy them.

    Who are the people that would be so praised? Clearly, kindness and generosity have been used to characterize a person who is
    willing to provide spiritual and/or physical support in a timely fashion for others at need. Why are people willing to do so leading to
    the public’s recognition for their kindness and generosity?

    As discussed in features of act, an act is always intended to award its participants with the benefit to gain a feeling of being more
    comfortable and in control. A similar scenario is applicable and incurs to kind and generous people.

    Why? It is because they will expectantly benefit from gaining a better position for future adventures in life through the subsequently
    enhanced credibility, social acceptance and so on. They earn such invisible assets from recognition. Despite the availability of
    these intangible benefits, is everyone willing to provide kind and generous acts? Of course not.

    Then, who will? If an act will make a person feel pinched or suffered in some way spiritually and/or physically, such a delivery of
    kindness and generosity will unlikely take place because it is clearly against the common sense of feeling better from an act.
    Therefore, we can deduce and recognize the characteristics of kindness and generosity as the byproducts after personal spiritual
    and physical abundance and comfort; as well, pure kindness and generosity never exist although these personal characteristics
    have been highly welcomed and praised. Truly, the application of these characteristics has been used to enhance the closeness of
    relationships among people effectively. Unfortunately, the practice of expressing these characteristics has been deployed as an
    effective means of deception in order to accomplish indirect self-service to fulfill the needed goals of life but at the expense of
    others’ loss.

    The need and activity for food and sex display the beauty and ugliness of life. And any act is ultimately intended to fulfill these needs
    on the constant path of life as described in Section 2.1. The need and activity of a group such as a family, a special group, a society,
    a nation, and the world are merely the accumulation of all its participating members although all the members still have the same
    goal and path in life.

    Any act is intended to serve the momentary and situational needs of its owners in order to make them feel more comfortable and  in
    control. After we unveil the real face of kindness and generosity, in reality, we should not feel sad.  Please remember a sense of
    perfection only appears momentarily but never long-lasting. Therefore, we should still appreciate and pay due respect to people
    who are willing to display “genuine” kindness and generosity after personal spiritual and physical abundance and comfort. We
    recognize and respect them as  philanthropists. Worse yet are those who are abundant, but unwilling to share a penny to ease and
    rescue the people in need with suffering and pain.

    The degree and intensity of kindness and generosity may vary according to the changing time and location because the then
    environments reflect different sense and degree of comfort and security, leading to the feeling of “what could be good to me
    spiritually and/or physically?”

    For instance, the atmosphere and practice of personal donation is much more prevailing in Western society than those in Eastern
    society even though the personal wealth and abundance are compatible. As we can see, spiritual and physical abundance does
    not necessarily come with spiritual and physical comfort; personal donation will not take place with abundance alone.
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