What is the Universal Goal of Life?

    Talking about life, it is always easy to find something to talk about it around us that we are familiar with and are similar to what we
    would want and need to discuss.

    Regarding the issue of "What is the common goal of life?", let us use the following life events to illustrate this concerned matter.  

    First, let us pick a beautiful flowering plant as an example. Of no doubt, every flower lover would like to see the flowering plant
    she/he owns looks as good and last as long as it can.

    Second, how about a car owner would expect from a car she/he owns? It is all clear that every car owner likes and wants to see the
    car she/he owns look as good, run as well, and last as long as it can.

    Similarly, we are able to pick many other examples of life events around us.

    How about our life? Obviously, who is the owner of a life? Everyone is the owner of her/his life; you own your life and I have my life.  
    Everyone likes to see her/his life look nicer, feel better, and live longer; you and I like and expect the same for yours and mine.

    Therefore, it is obvious that the universal common goal of life is to look nicer, feel better, and live longer; in other words, for
    survival, growth, and continuation. This applies to all entities of life and fate, including all individuals, organizations, institutions,
    companies, societies, nations, and the whole world; it's of no exception from the ancient, the present, to the future.

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