Unique Tips, Rules, and Recipe for a Longer Happy Living
    - How Can We Look Nicer, Feel Better, and Live Longer?

    Tip signifies something of mystery or secrecy, which is far beyond the reach of general public. Rule denotes an established
    formula, which is still managed by a professional coaching with an almost guaranty to success. And recipe provides a sense of
    popularity in acceptance for daily housewhole application in life.

    forged a stormy interest for all. However, this ever-hightening enthusiasm has inevitably outstretched and even distorted the truth
    of value of life leading to propagation of The introduction, elaboration, and application of tips, rules, or recipe for a long happy life
    have From the battle between commercialism and consumerism. , many commercialism. consumers for pursuing a long happy
    life have become the victims of commercialism which manipulates the ignorance, anxiety, and fear of consumers with tactics of
    various forms of  power and the disguise of various forms of deception. As a result, many merchants have made a lot of money
    and many consumers obsessed by the mystery of gaining longevity have lost a lot of maney but still with happiness and

    Now, let us demystify the substance of tips, rules, or recipe for the universal common goal of life., i.e., a long happy life. How true
    and valuable can these commercialised tips, rules, and recipe be? In reality, let us go down to the earth to know the truth of life
    and you will know there is no magic in life and medicine. Let us keep things simple and real with the following as the tips, rules  
    or recipe for a long happy life if any.

    To live longer, feel better, and look nicer has been the universal common goal of all human beings. How can we do it?  To make
    the understanding of this important matter easier, let us use how car owners can and should do if they wish their cars be able to
    look nicer, run better, and last longer as an analogy to illustrate the sequence of events in fulfilling these universal goal of life.

    Of no doubt, all car owners would like to see their cars look nicer, run better, and last longer. How can they make this simple
    expectation and goal become a reality, at least, as close to the stated reality as possible?

    We all know and would agree that, first, all car owners have to understand the basic features and needed services of their cars
    and seriously apply all the available knowledge about their cars to take a good care of them at a good time in a right way
    avoiding misuse, abuse, and destruction, and then hope the best although we still need to realize four points of difference
    between human body and car:
    1. car has no emotion; human do,
    2. car engine can be stopped; human heart can not,
    3. car parts can be easily replaced; human's can not, and
    4. car may be junked out; human body can not.

    Beyond these differences, the spirit and practice of care for human body is identically the same as those for taking care of cars if
    we wish to see our bodies look nicer, feel better, and live longer as car owners do for their cars.  Does anyone have a better
    option of approach to accomplish this universal common goal of managing life events?

    In practice, what should we do for our body in daily living?

    For an easier understanding, at this moment, let us use the care for a beautiful flowering plant as an example.  Similar to the
    logic of care for cars, the most reasonable steps of care for a beautifully flowering plant would be:

  1. study and understand its required conditions to survive and grow as detailed as possible.
  2. provide the needed light, water, and nutrition to the beloved plant timely and correctly.

    So doing in caring for such a beloved plant will give the flower owner a best possible opportunity to see the plant thrive better,
    look nicer, and survive longer. How does this happen through the above practice? It is clear that such practice will provide the
    beautiful flowering plant a best possible environment to survive and grow.

    For our daily living, we should do the same. Please remember:  Every biological body is silently working very hard to exercise its
    "magic" natural power of self-healing process in order to keep up the need for survival and growth; it is of no exception for our
    human bodies.

    Then, how can we provide our body a best possible environment to proceed this wonderful function of self-healing so that we are
    able to survive and grow in a best possible fashion.

    The simple steps to achieve this clear goal are our constant daily practice of:

  1. eat, enjoy, and control foods and don't let food control us by following a well-balanced formula of eating for nutrition,
  2. keep up daily exercising all muscles and joints,
  3. give the body a  proper active resting, especially with a good overnight sleep,
  4. provide ourselves a quiet time and location for nourishing our spiritual and mental functional reserve as a brief spiritual
    and physical retreat,
  5. follow reasonable, realistic medical advice as neede.

    However, it is very important to proceed the above practice to meet the need for nutrition, exercise, rest, and
    spiritual/mental nourishment in moderation. Of note, overuse, overindulgence, and obsession in certain things of daily
    living will always generate a significant negative impact to our life.

    Obviously, the above needed practice for an effective smart living is the duty  of any person who wishes to look nicer, feel better,
    and live longer. Please consider it as a personal mission, which no one can do for us, but ourselves.   All what we have to do is
    to simply to reactivate all the already existing inborn invisible natural resources.

    I would like to a constantly asking everyone: Do we have other better options to, most realistically, enrich personal life on a long-
    term basis other than tapping and exploring our divine inborn invisible natural resources? Why do we not see more parents,
    educators,  academicians, and politicians to emphasize the importance and study to pursue the exploration of this almost
    untapped frontier of inborn invisible natural resource? To take such a challenge, please click A Dream Proposal

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