The Magic Number and Its Implication in Today's Medicine and Life
    James C Lin, M.D. (Chin-Ti Lin, M.D.)

    Do you know which number (from 1 to 10) can be qualified to be the magic number in today's medicine and life? Just guess it. The
    following is my observation to share with you.

    Civilization along industrialization has progressively changed our living and life. The pace of change has been usually proportional to
    the intensity of commercialism and consumerism with the bottom-line goal of making money and saving money. These are all
    physical matters.

    As the intensity of the battle between commercialism and consumerism has heightened, the truth of value of life has been
    insidiously outstretched and even distorted. As a result, what people like and want are oftentimes not what they really need.
    Consequently, the wasting of mental and physical resources takes control of and negatively affect many people's life, leading to
    mental and physical shortage and stress.

    To simplify the way to spread a message, the experts in their special field proposed a unified message with ignorance to consider
    the individual differences in health, age, lifestyle,...  

    Notably, through my personal and professional experience and observation, a magic number has been widely used to assert the
    wisdom and power of expert and authority. As a result, many people have become the victims of medical advance and civilization,
    who may be characterized as socially psychotic and are living under the siege of anxiety and fear, instead of living as the
    beneficiaries of medical advance.  

    Do you know which number is the magic number in medicine? I have posed this question to many people over the decades; rarely,
    they got the right answer.

    In observation, the right answer is number 8.  Why?

    Let us review the following facts in universal circulation. They are:

    1. Advised to drink 8 glasses of water a day with 8 ounces in a glass.
    2. Advised to sleep 8 hours a night,
    3. Advised to work 8 hours a day as regulatory standard,
    4. Voiding more than 8 times a day was proposed as the definition of
        urinary frequency in urology.

    In the context of ethnic culture, as most of you may have known that Chinese like the number eight (8) dearly because, by their
    pronunciation, it implies the meaning of developing and advancing. Mentally, number 8 has  traditionally given Chinese a lot of
    mental soothing effect in life, especially in business.  

    For instance, 168 means all way of developing; 8888... implies never-ending developing and advancing. That is why 168 and 8888....
    have been Chinese' favorite in choosing telephone number, street number, etc.

    Now, you can see yourself how powerful the number, 8, has been circulating in medical field and society.  The general acceptance of
    the power of number 8 has imposed a tremendous psychological pressure on many people and negatively affected their life. Whose

    To add the distress of such chaos, I hope there will be no experts who will propose that eight (8) times of sexual intercourse per
    week or per month as the norm of a healthy standard of living. If less than 8 times, you have erectile dysfunction. If so, that will be
    another oddity of modern medicine with many experts who are knowledgeable with no common sense and wisdom so to drive many
    people into the siege of endless anxiety and fear.

    So, just use your commonsense to figure it out why. You are welcome to comment the above and share your answer with me; I do
    appreciate it.

    I wish you have a happy, healthy life to look nicer, feel better, and live longer.

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