What is the ultimate motive to do something in life?

    Everyone may wonder why and how www.ForMeFirst.com could be used as a website name. Quite a berating of human dignity
    and nobility! In everyday living, I agree with you to have such an almost universally prevailing notation.

    Traditionally, regardless of cultural backgrounds, no one would like to carry a labelling of being self-centered, selfish, of just for
    me as a part of personal characters. However, while one sits at a quiet corner and ponders what every act one takes in life really
    means to him/her, one will easily discover and recognize that every action one take in life for living carries the following features:

  1. the driving force of an act is what can be good or bad for me,
  2. the sense of being good or bad for me results from the interaction between our inner sensor/automation and
    internal/external environments,
  3. every act has its inherent duty/mission to bring in something with variable spiritual or physical value to meet the
    momentary or situational need of its beholder,
  4. an action always follows with its reaction,
  5. the outcome of an action or reaction is always short-lived,

    To verify the above characters of act, let us imagine how a newborn baby survive and unfold its life. As soon as the newborn is out
    of mother's womb, the first thing s/he will do is take a breath, usually through an "explosive" crying. Short of such act to suck the air
    in, s/he will die.

    How s/he knows s/he needs to cry to suck the air in to saturate red blood cells with oxygen? It is clear that when s/he is ready to
    come out of mother's womb, s/he was already well equipped with all functioning sensors for automation to run seamlessly.
    Through such an automation system, s/he detects s/he has low oxygen in the red blood cells and s/he needs to suck in the air;
    otherwise, s/he will die.

    Soon after the beachhead of survival by crying to such in the air is secured, s/he almost simultaneously kicks off all the inborn
    sensors to interact with all internal and external environments. Subsequently, s/he will consciously and subconsciously detect
    and know what s/he needs to do in order to materialize her/his survival and growth. For example, s/he can automatically regulate
    heart or respiratory rate to meet the demand of oxygen; s/he is able to move around to make her/himself feel comfortable; s/he
    can sense thirsty and hunger and cry for water and foods, and so on.

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