What is the Driving Force of Any Act? And Where Does It Come From?

    To understand and realize where the driving force of acts comes from, let us take a look at how newborn babies will do first right
    after birth. Everyone knows newborns will cry and take a deep breath so to suck in the oxygen-containing air for survival; they so

    Because they innately sense and know they have low oxygen in blood. How does s/he know s/he has low oxygen? Before birth,
    God, if you believe in God, or Nature, through the mother, already prepares all her/hs needed sensors and functions inside so to
    allow them be able to properly interact with their internal and external environments. Thereby, they know what it may be good or
    bad by sensing what, when, and how they need to take action so to bring in something spiritual and physical to assure their
    survival, growth, and continuation of life.  Specifically, these inborn sensors can detect low blood oxygen and urges the babies to
    take deep breaths; otherwise they will die.

    In order to allow all these inborn sensors and functions to work (function) in high sensitivity and specificity of efficiency and
    coordination, a person has to possess a high standard of spiritual and physical value, ability, and capacity, which we can gain
    good mental and physical health by religiously practicing high quality healthy lifestyle without overindulgence and obsession.

    Understanding these obvious facts of life, everyone should respect and observe practicing quality healthy lifestyle as the sure
    foundation to achieve their deserved good mental and physical health.

    Good ideas alone do not help until a soul with graciousness and devotion is willing to translate and implement practicing the high
    quality self-care for self-preservation into actions. Such load of dedication and work should be regarded as personal duty and
    mission; no one can do for us and there has been no other better choice beyond medication and surgery, but ourselves.

    Now, we not only know where the driving force of any actions comes from, but realize how important the effort of self-care for self-
    preservation can be.

    Hence, we have to move and act, otherwise, nothing will happen and change, just like  that praying all days long, if believing in
    God,  without actions to practice and repeat God's words and deeds would not make any difference in life. So, you decide.

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