The Power of "For Me First?"

         A person's success relies upon a high standard of quality self, which in turn relies upon a high standard of quality direct self-
    service.  Saying in other way, quality direct self-service produces a quality self, that is, you.

           What is direct self-service anyway? Simply put, direct self-service is to do something for yourself by yourself by supplying all
    the required ingredients of spirirtual and physical nutrition timely and correctly to yourself but not at the expense of others through
    manipulating greed, ignorance, anxiety, and fear with the tactics of power and the disguise of deception under hidden agenda - the
    universal principle of act.

           A glimpse at the notion of "for me first" may offend and strike many people's heart. At the moment of saying or hearing "for
    me first", we instantly feel shy and embarrassed. Why? It is because we have been taught to serve others as an honor of life and
    submerged in such a warm bath of joy, even though, in fact, everything we do in life has been always for ourselves first.

           Please remember: An action always follows with its reaction simultaneously; to serve or to love is an action and its reaction
    will be to be served or to be loved. Therefore, to serve and to be served or to love and to be loved are merely a pair of simultaneous
    events of life. Logically, we should have a confidence to realize and admit that it is absolutely nothing wrong to be self-serving as
    long as what you got is not at expense of others' pain, suffering, or loss, through manipulating others' ignorance, anxiety, and fear
    with the tactics and disguise of various forms of power and deception under hidden agenda - the universal principle of act.

           However, in reality, any service has to come from somewhere; it is nothing free. Then, where does the resource for service
    come from? Furthermore, is the service you provide up to the desired standard of quality? Commonsense tells us: The equation of
    input and output has to be within a reasoanble balancing range - acceptable within any entity.

           Where does the required input come from? It is from the within of you. How to achieve and materialize this simple goal of life?
    Please go to How to feel better, look nicer, and live longer? .  Through the irreplaceable efforts as described, a composure of high-
    quality spiritual and physical value, ability, and capacity will naturally rise. This personal achievement will make you live a life with,
    not just hight indenpendence and autonomy but also less burden on your friends, family members, society, country, and world.
    With the possession of high-quality spiritual and physical value, ability, and capacity inside you, you will be more capable to do
    something for yourself by yourself in daily living, learning, working, serving,... The accumulation of more individuals like you will
    naturally come with a high-quality group, which may be as small as a couple, family, church, school, or as large as an
    organization, institution, nation, or the world.  Therefore, any intent to promote and materialize the wish and dream of having ever-
    lasting peace and harmony for survival and growth has to make more individuals realize this approach as the only realistic way to
    fulfill: Any individual has not just a right to live, but also an obligation to help one another survive and grow through the course of life
    passage by fully exploring invisible natural resources through a joint effort of education.

           In daily living, we often hear: "I love you.", "I want to serve my country.", "I want to serve my Lord, my family, ..." , just mention a
    few. How can we realistic materialize our wish to love and to serve? As discussed above, it is clear a high-quality individual results
    from a proper full exploration and utilization of invisible natural resources  through nurture and education. When the possession of
    a high-quality individual is formed and secured, s/he will have a high standard of readiness or preparedness to act and to serve
    without violating  universal principle of act.

                    Besides, we need to be aware: Do not let the heightening intensity of
    hypocrisy and commercialism distort, erode, and destroy the truth of the value of life. If we let
    this evil creep into our life, we will lose control of our life by ourselves but by something from
    the outside; we will have a miserable life although we may have superficial, formulated
    smiles on our faces to express and serve the demanded need for deceptive social gestures
    in personal and professional life. Why? It is because the resultant effect of hypocrisy and
    commercialism will make what we like and want often does not reflect what we need in life.
    Don't you see that most of us live under a high pressure of pretense, vanity, insecurity,

           For any reasonable persons, the above discussion and analysis should be sufficient to bring about the sense of the power of
    "For Me First".        

           If the idea and discussion make sense to you, please spread the words for a better world. If any one has a better idea, just
    share it with the world but please avoid applying the subtlety of hyhpocrisy and commercialism.


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