What is the real face or nature of someone or something that made or has made us unhappy?

           The contents of life and living in family, marriage, church, association, organization, institution, government, and the world are
    always parts of individual life. Therefore, it is essential to know what are the origin, function, and goal of a relationship; each of
    them is unique.  Despite its individual uniqueness, the origin, function, and goal of a relationship remains very the same, that is, to
    meet the need for an entity to survive, grow, and continue indefinitely , if any possible. To review the items as listed in the following
    chapter, you should be able to capture a bird eye’s view of the origin, function, and goal of a relationship.

           With the above framework of thinking and understanding as the foundation of commonsensical approach to achieve the goals
    of life that we set forth, now let us work together to explore and regain a controlled, realistic, long, happy life.  Please click the
    category of your choice as above.

          In short, we are unhappy if what we do can not satisfactorily bring in something spiritual and physical to meet what we like, love,
    want, or need.  In daily living, vast majority of people have been struggling between the reality and expectation of life.  The bigger the
    gap between reality and expectation, the unhappier we are. The reason for having such a huge gap is largely because our society
    has been increasingly under a strong influence and the control of hypocrisy and commercialism to artificially make us feel good.
    Consequently, the perception of what we like, want, or love to possess oftentimes does not reflect what we really need. Although
    what we like, want, or love will momentarily satisfy our sense of comfort and control, in time and in long term, we will surely be
    disappointed by the feeling of being cheated, tricked, lost, and even angry. So, how can we be happy? The only surest way to regain
    happiness is to live a controlled, realistic, long, happy life.
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