What is life? - a Process of Self-Service; why?

        The ultimate destination of a service is to yourself. An action always has its reaction; to serve and to be served or to love and to
    be loved are a pair of simultaneous life events.

           The statement of “Life is a Process of Self-Service” could generate an instant objection and even resentment from many
    people because, traditionally, we have been taught that life is meant and destined to serve God and people; and serving God and
    people is absolutely respectful and has been considered as a privilege and honor of life. We should promote this traditional
    thinking but with further expanding and deepening the dimensions of such a noble thinking. Moreover self-serving has been
    always condemned as an undesirable, inferior character of a person. I fully realize and understand the background of such
    thinking and perception. But please allow me to further elaborate the details for this statement, hoping you will open up your mind
    to adopt the realistic thinking of life and self-service as I will discuss.

           Self-service requires acts to fulfill. Under the compulsive guidance of the traditional thinking, we would not appreciate being
    labeled as selfish or self-serving because we perceive this trend of behaving as an insult to personal character and integrity.
    Despite the presence of this kind of mindset, the real picture in mind before we act has been still always, “What could be good for
    me?” Without such a picturesque scene in mind, we would have no enthusiasm to act out to fulfill that urge of need.

           What would be something that is good for me?  It is an yearning envision for self-service, resulting from the interaction
    between the miraculously well-run automation of the inborn sensors, organs, and systems and the internal and external
    environments of our body.  Conceptually, it is an internal spiritual and/or physical vacuum that needs something spiritual and/or
    physical to fill in.

           The desire of need to act can be beneficial or detrimental to our body. The outcome of acting upon driven by the sense of need
    may either beneficially preserve and enhance or detrimentally damage and deplete the quality and capacity of our mental and
    physical health. Therefore, for a better living in life, we should encourage or discourage to participate in those capable to upgrade
    or downgrade our spiritual and physical values, ability, and capacity respectively and accordingly. The efficiency of such decision-
    making lies on the overall quality and quantity of spiritual and physical value, ability, and capacity which are strictly connected to our
    mental and physical health from lifelong cultivation and preservation.

           The purpose of “what can be good for me?” is to fulfill the vacuum of need created by desire-sense of need-by bringing in
    something spiritual or physical to make us feel comfortable, satisfactory, and in control. Put in the other words, it usually
    represents what we sense in our mind spiritually and physically under a particular setting of circumstance. The spiritual and
    physical expectation toward that event, in turn, represents the life accumulation of our past, resulting from how we were genetically
    born, how we were brought up in family, and how we have been educated, lived, and experienced in the past. As a result, all
    individuals possess their own unique spiritual and physical values, abilities, and capacities for managing any event. That is why
    people are uniquely different; and also confirms the statement of, “you are the accumulation of your own past” as the answer to,
    “who are you, anyway?”

           Despite the existence and presence of such an unwelcome label regarding self-serving, it is nothing wrong to be self-serving;
    we should feel confident with and not ashamed of it. Why is that? As previously stated, we actually behave just like that every
    moment, every day, and everywhere in our daily living. How can we deny this fact of life? Don’t we have a moral obligation to
    support and accept this fact of life? Therefore, instead of being ashamed of it, we should be proud of what we could do for
    ourselves as long as we accomplish the process of self-serving not through manipulating others’ ignorance, fear, and anxiety with
    tactics of power and disguise of deception under some hidden agendas. The results of our continual flow of acts will benefit all
    parties involved naturally and mutually. Consequently, the quality of life of all participants in actions will be improved;  the personal
    and social harmony by bettering the quality of life will be enhanced. On the other hand, if we accomplish our self-service under a
    hidden agenda through manipulating someone's ignorance, fear, and anxiety with the tactics of power and disguise of deception,
    sooner or later, one of the involved parties in the events will eventually discover and recognize that they might have been cheated.
    In time, the suspicion and revelation of being unfairly treated would lead to the emergence of mistrust and distrust among people
    in future dealings. Commonly and as easily understood, this social phenomenon could have its snowball effect. As time goes by,
    the degree and intensity of mistrust and distrust will grow and eventually turn into a state of chaos. Then people will become more
    difficult to work and live together comfortably despite the presence of artificial law reinforcement with harsh rules and regulations.
    So, please do not accomplish our needs for self-service at the expense of others’ spiritual and/or physical pain, suffering, and loss.

           And, with no possibility to get something good for us out of anticipating in doing something, we would have no real motive and
    interest to join in activities. Does that sound right for us all the time?

           Clearly knowing and understanding this fact of life, a person will become more enthusiastic, responsible, respectful, lovable,
    and forgiving because everything we do is initially and ultimately for ourselves, not anyone else. And we should our right to be self-
    serving. Furthermore, we have the obligation to help one another to achieve the needed self-service as long as the principle of self-
    service is well respected and followed.

           To further reinforce this very truth and fact of life, please let our mind recollect a simple fact that an action always follows with
    its reaction. Understandably, we would agree that to serve and to be served are just simply a pair of simultaneous events of life in
    everything we do. This concept and practice of self-service served as the minimal requirement of our living together can be the
    most down-to-earth and effective way to improve and maintain interpersonal relationships in daily living with our spouse, family,
    society, company, country, and even the whole world. Please do not behave like a hypocrite or not be honest with ourselves. But be
    honest to face these facts while we conduct our daily living.

           While we have been talking about self-service, will an act always bring about a “good” self-service? An act comes along from a
    sense of need. Then, does an act always benefit us? To very truth, we recognize that the ultimate goal of all what we do always
    gravitate to fulfilling our own need for the matters of foods and sex life.

           Therefore, it would be very reasonable to classify self-service as two types — negative and positive self-service.

           What is positive self-service? Based on the above understanding, positive self-service can be defined as an act for making a
    person more comfortable and in control, and it eventually results in promoting a person's ability to fulfill his/her needs for food and
    sex life of better quality according to the current civilized standards in our society. On the other hand, if the outcome of self-service
    produces damage or impairment to our ability of fulfilling the needs for foods and sex life, the nature of this type of self-service
    would be negative.  In short, positive self-service will reinforce and promote the power of self-preservation; negative self-service
    will produce self-infliction and self-destruction to the individuals and eventually to all humankinds.

           Now some of you may wander what is in the world that something you do could be possible not good to yourselves. Please
    remember the differences in individuals’ past lead to a wide variation in the quality and quantity of spiritual and physical value,
    ability, and capacity for managing the daily live events.  Generally speaking, negative self-service results from our overindulgence
    and obsession in misusing and abusing our inborn organs and systems which will lead to spiritual and physical imbalance and
    even distortion. And accomplishing the mission of self-service at the expense of others will bring about expected mistrust and
    distrust. These in all will set off personal and social chaos, crimes, and eventually violence.

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