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    How Much and Often Should We Have Sex in a Healthy Relationship?

    This question has posed a huge room of endless discussion and debate since the day one of human life. Despite of such,
    hereinbelow I share my summary on this topic for you according to lifelong personal and professional observation, analysis,
    study, perception, and practice as a human of 71 years as you are and as a urologist of 46 years in serving thousands of persons
    - as young as a newborn up to as old as one at 101of age, males or females. I am sure you already have formed your version of
    the answer to this very question.

    But wait. After perusing this article, you decide what might make sense to your life-sex life.

    Before giving my answer, let us go through some general known facts and truth of life - at least in my world of living and thinking.

    1. Long-term goal of life is to look nicer, feel better, and last longer.

    2. Short-term goal of life is to capture and secure the sense of comfort and control from moment to moment from succeeding in

                  will surely generate better mental and physical health day by day than ever; thereby we build and gain more energy and ability
to uplift functionality, productivity, independence in performing personal and occupational daily chores and tasks including sex.

    4. Why and how may and will the actions (in 3-the above) effect our life? Because that is the only way to generate and preserve
        enough energy and ability to perform any tasks we need in life. Likewise, adequate sex performance requires adequate energy
        and ability surely and only resulting from healthy lifestyle without overindulgence and obsession-not from magic pills or
        supplements alone, which at best give a brief boost but only at the time when our bodies still retain reasonable functional    
        reserve and margin.

    Based on the above, you should gain more insight on when, where, how, and with whom to regulate the delivery of your sexual
    behaviors-sexuality. So, at age of 20-30, you may have sex 3-7 times every week-more or less; at 60-70s, 1-2 times every week-
    more or less. In the end, you are the one to decide what may fit your personal health scenario.

    Besides, it is worthwhile to realize to have sex is not essential for living a long life at old age especially at the time with multiple
    health medical issues. In reality, sex is essential at young age so we can make natural babies; at twilight years of life, especially
    being affected by multiple medical issues, sex is optional and even unnecessary. Stating to have sex all day long in life is highly
    politically correct and commercially inciting; that is not for real life. So, do not let political correctness and commercialism rein and
    ruin our life.

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