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    Story 1
    It involved a 78-year-old man with a history of tobacco smoking since age 12. I treated his bladder cancer successfully. However, he looked
    gaunt and weak; and he required constant use of oxygen 24 hours a day for 5 years. He was miserable lying on the bed with short of breath
    despite being on oxygen. I asked him if I might talk with him about life besides giving medications and performing procedures. He graciously
    allowed me to do so; I spent some 45 minutes to present and discuss my views and insights about life, reminded and urged him what and
    how he could do for himself by himself.

    Four months later, he grinned and told me with a full excitement, “Dr. Lin, look at me, I do not believe I quitted my smoking for the first time in
    my life after listening to and thinking over what you explained to me. Now, I don’t need to use oxygen any more and I feel great…”

    Another 3 months later, he said, “I gain some weight now and people said I look better. “  Wow! Quite an achievement, don’t you agree?

    Story 2
    It is about a 59-year-old, 386-pound man who came to see me for erectile dysfunction. Besides providing traditional regular evaluation and
    management for his concern, as usual and as an important part of holistic approach to medical care, I spent some time to analyze some
    realistic aspects of life and stress the indispensible part of behavioral modification by adjusting personal lifestyle. For his case, I emphasized
    the importance for him to lose weight in a realistic way.

    Five months later, he proudly told me, “Dr. Lin, I have lost 77 pounds since I saw you.”

    I asked him what and why he has done to lose so much weight.

    He responded, “All what I have done is just to follow the instructions you explained at the clinic and described in your website by eating less
    and moving more. That’s it.?”

    Of course, I acknowledged, admired, and congratulated for his effort and success.

    He further said, “I am confident, I can lose more.” He was so happy. Indeed, totally, he has lost 93 pounds in one year. His goal is down to 235

    Story 3
    This involved a 47-year-old man who came to see me for locally advanced cancer of left kidney; he has smoked more than 30-year.

    As a part of holistic care, I explained and advised how important is for him to quit smoking before and after his major surgery to remove his left
    kidney, ureter, and a part of bladder. I explained and discussed some realistic views of life to let him understand the following facts of life:

    Life is a one-way street of accumulation, modification, and continuation from inception to eternity and

    there is no magic in medicine; if any, that is how we can work together and apply the currently available knowledge, skill, technology,
    medication, and common sense at a reasonable time in a reasonable way to a reasonable patient and then we hope the possible best.

    About one month after successful major surgery, he returned with his wife, aunts, and niece and told me that two of his aunts, two of his
    sisters and one of his daughters have all quited smoking after he related what I explained to and discussed with him about some important
    aspects of life.

    I jokingly acknowledged his revelation by saying, “Wow! Apparently you got a family revolution against smoking.”

    Then an enormous resonating laugh roared across the exam room from the whole group. It was quite an exciting experience.

    Story 4
    This is about how indirect impact may happen to move people around you. A man came to office with his wife for updating his decision on how
    to manage his recently-diagnosed prostate cancer after the initial counseling. During this second round of counseling, his wife stated, "Dr. Lin,
    I trusted you because you helped me before." I was puzzled and responded, "I never took care of you. How could I help you?"  She smiled and
    said, "I came with my husband about 2-3 months ago. I heard and listened to you, saying how to better ourselves and how to realistically lose
    weight. I went home and thought over what you said and viewed your web page on the subject. I just followed everything you advised. I have
    lost 41 pounds since."

    This unexpected success flattered me but pumped up my compassion on how I can help
    more people in a larger scale. Here I am.

    Of course, these fours are just a few of many success stories to demonstrate how we can do for ourselves by ourselves, just like what former
    American President Kennedy stated in his inaugural address, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”  
    In a similar talking, we can say, "Ask not what someone and something can do for me, but what I can do for myself by myself first."  

    Combing what you can do for yourself by yourself will maximize the benefit of what existing medical care with drugs and surgery can do for you.

    Can you see the point? Can you see how much we can do for ourselves by ourselves? If they could do it, why not I? It is simple, doable within
    your reach without spending an extra penny.

    Thanks from Mr. G. M.
    This letter is in praise of Dr. Chin-Ti Lin, M.D. and all the staff that strive for excellence in their chosen field of endeavor.

    I have been in three VA hospitals, and Salem VA is without a doubt the "Best".

    Dr. Lin and his surgery team are the best in their field. I also want to mention Keven Neel, RN and Richard Chandler, RN.

    Again, my thanks to Dr. Lin for mading it possible for me to "sleep" again.

    Please put this in their file.


    G. M.
    Note: After laser prostate surgery, he doesn't need to get to void as he used to before. This doesn't mean I cured him but just helped his
    voiding by surgical means after failed to medical treatment, so he became able to empty his bladder better.

    Thomas Tyson, Jr (a patient) said, "Dr. Lin is always there. He tells you the way it is. You may not like it, But I think it's for good."

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