Update on Weight Control                                 James Chin-Ti Lin, M.D.

           Finally, finally and finally, that is on March 7, 2009; there is an article from the Internet (http://www.webmd.
    com/diet/features/dieting-is-out-healthy-eating-is-in?ecd=wnl_wct_030609) voicing  the death of distorted dieting and rebirth of
    healthy eating.

           Over the past 2-3 decades, innumerable ideas with their pertinent weight loss/control programs have been promoted and
    stirred a gargantuan body of fans and followers. All kinds of media - TV, newspapers, magazines, paid or unpaid, have done a
    great job in rousing all the emotional highs beyond imagination dreaming to curb the ever-increasing concern and anxiety from the
    ill effects of overweight and obesity. However, all these program failed to meet the expectation.

           For years, I have been extremely skeptical about all the hypes about weight loss/control programs as I summed on a web
    page of www.ForMeFirst.com, titled, “ A Practical Approach to Weight Control “.

           Clearly, all the hypes in weight control were all connected with two key ingredients in nature – hypocrisy and commercialism.  
    The prevailing of these two has spoiled and distorted the truth of value of life. As a result, under their subtlety and power of
    commercial brainwashing, most of what the victimized people liked and wanted were not what they needed. This understanding
    will hold true for all life events.

           Before current wake-up call for debunking and discarding the dream for weight loss through dieting to restore and assert the
    real power of losing weight through healthy eating, many transactions have taken place to rake in millions and millions of dollars
    for those companies and individual promoting weight loss/control programs. To an extent, they are quackery and legally licensed

           Despite this wake-up call for living a realistic life, I can predict more processes of re-decorating and re-designing more
    programs for weight loss will continue to appear and flourish by manipulating people's greed, ignorance, anxiety and fear with the
    tactics of various forms of power and the disguise of various forms of deception to make money out of you – the public.

           Again, the real power of losing weight is still the power of personal will and determination. Without them, all “assisting”
    programs will surely fall short of their “intended” effect.  To find something to blame, to discover something for an easy way out, to
    say something with sympathy, and to...are largely welcome at any occasions because they are politically correct. Despite the
    ruthlessness of the power of commercialism, we need to resurrect the truth of value of life and realize that life and living is an
    extremely serious tough business; it is contrary to what the media have been portraying to us. The media are manipulating us for
    money-making even ignoring our health. This should be the general awareness and precaution everyone needs to take in walking
    through daily living in a safe controlled fashion.

           At personal level, please be aware that overindulgence and obsession in anything will always bring about a significant
    negative impact to life and are the most common forms of misuse, abuse and self-destruction of health. In a sense, they are a set-
    up of personal slavery and imprisonment. For succeeding in weight control, let us control foods and do not let foods control us. To
    understand the whole picture of living a controlled, realistic, happy life, you are welcome to read “ What Is Life?...   

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