Use It or Lose It!
    Time passing dilutes memory. Repetition refreshes it, which is essential for perfecting the art of life.

           “Use it or lose it” has been a popular piece of a wise man’s advice to encourage people to keep going in life. It has so much
    truth in it. Just like a machine, to keep it running within its acceptable or advisable limit will surely make this machine function
    more smoothly and effectively for a longer period of time. Of course, do not forget to give it a timely and correct service of
    maintenance, which it deserves.

           For human life, it is the same. In order to keep our spiritual and physical function at its optimal level, the sure thing to do is to
    maintain and sustain our mental and physical health at their best possible status.

           For example, you may have overheard that people often feel somewhat rusty in job performance after a period of vacation.
    Furthermore, they need to take some time to warm up mentally and physically before they become capable and efficient again to
    perform and achieve their prior level of job performance.

           Some people are able to regain it faster than others. After all, the job performance is indeed slowed down. Why? And what
    happened to the people on vacation? Traditionally, we have been taught to get away from our busy work for a while for recreation
    to regain better efficiency later. That idea is wonderful and highly acceptable. As the word, recreation, does imply, it intends to
    recreate further ability to fulfill our life further forward. However, at the time of the vacation, we voluntarily suspended the
    opportunities to sense the constant need to perform the essential activities for life and living. Instead, we intentionally engaged
    mostly in performing optional activities. This statement does not intend to deny our need to have a temporary change in our pace
    and environment of life and living. It is simply to remind the readers to focus and respect the reality of life and not lose track of life
    to fall into the trap of “use it or lose it.”

           A similar situation may happen to a person after retirement. Frequently, we observed that certain individuals were very eager
    to enjoy their retirement. They might say, “I can not wait for my retirement. I am tired of working for so long.” Many of these retirees
    happen to die soon after their supposedly happy retirement. Why?

           If you have captured the essence of the discussion of life so far, you should be able to understand why such unfortunate
    events may have happened. Clearly, many people failed to maintain and sustain their needed efforts of fulfilling direct and
    indirect self-service to themselves. As a result, the tools of life became less utilized and suspended, leading to the trap of “use it
    or lose it.” Then the mandatory work of direct and indirect self-service could not be timely and correctly fulfilled. I deeply believe
    that such a trend of living plays a major role of terminating one’s life “prematurely.”

           All what we have reviewed so far is related with the effects of the issue discussed at personal level. Now, let us expand the
    scope of our view into the effect and concern of “use it or lose it” to social level.

           In today's society, the demand for job efficiency and quest for self-service have ever increasingly heightened. Subsequently,
    more people increasingly feel lack of time to meet demanded tasks in daily living. To offset such a shortage, delegation and
    mechanization naturally take place, flourish, and have taken away our opportunity to utilize our in-born senses properly. As a
    result, the real, direct interaction with parents, family, and people around us declines correspondingly , the expression of life
    becomes highly formulated, and the sense of human nature fades away quickly and disappears eventually.  

           Let us recall our daily experience in shopping and checking out at the supermarkets. Almost routinely, the checkout clerks
    would say to you, “How are you doing today? Did you find what you want?...” without a sensible facial expression or eye contact
    with you. In reality, they just acted like a machine for a job. This description of job performance seems ironic but reflects the facts
    of life. However, the fault of losing desirable human natures is not theirs; it is our education and society breeds them to be this
    way. Please remember the invisible infrastructures of society and education were designed by the smart elite minority for
    average majority for the purpose of social containment and control with the bottom-line money making in mind. While it is
    important to emphasize job and life efficiency, is the loss of human nature leading to endless social chaos the worthwhile price
    for us to pay? Will and does a social awareness of this issue make a balancing impact on the long-term value of education and
    social order? You bet, it will. Alternatively, do we have other means to amend the gap between preserving human nature and
    enforcing the power of delegation and mechanization for life and job performance?

           Now, you can see how the impact of “use it or lose it” can be at social level, not just personal level.  To remedy this shortfall
    of life, the parents have to actively engage in raising their kids, not let the machine and media do the job; school education has to
    stress the need for real, direct interaction with the subjects and environments; money-making capitalists should disclose their
    social conscience and not squeeze the last drop of blood out of average majority; and all individuals have to fully utilize what they
    already have inside them for self-preservation through direct self-service.

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