Realistic Solution to Weight Control

    The battle against overweight and obesity has gradually intensified over the past three decades, especially over the last 15 years. Why? The
    ill effect from overweight and
    obesity has accumulated to the level that affects the personal life and health of most of Americans and yet become an unbearable social
    and national burden in managing these obesity-related medical issues.

    To resolve such serious personal and social issues, of no doubt, the solution has to start from managing individual's lifestyle. Why?  
    Simple fact tells us that the strength and character of a group of any size result from the ultimate accumulation of the strength and character
    of all its participating members.

    How can we regain the control of body weight? To help the public realistically solve the concern of overweight and obesity, I have written the
    following two (2) articles to share with you. Their content is simple, easy to understand, feasible and practicable to fulfill.

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