Who Are You?

    Known to common sense, life is a one-way street of accumulation, modification, and continuation from inception to eternity with a
    constantly changing, adjusting dynamic process of self-service.

    Accumulation denote "Who you are"; you are the accumulation of your own past, including the way you were bore - internal,
    genetic factor and the way you were raised up in family, educated, lived, and experienced over lifetime - external, acquired fact.

    Through a careful examination on this question, you can easily assess and realize what are the quality and quantity of your
    available spiritual and physical value, ability, and capacity to manage all the required events of daily life and living.

    Such a possession of acquired spiritual and physical value, ability, and capacity enables you to effectively interact with your internal
    and external environments and to detect what can be good or bad for you -  the sense of need.  Thereby an urge to act emerges
    and an action takes place to bring in something spiritual and physical to satisfy your momentary and situational need under a
    circumstance. Personal difference in the past reflects different patterns of individual behaviors in response to reality and
    circumstance at different time and location.

    Through a continual flow of generating the sense of needs and delivering the corresponding acts, will be  able to live a long active,
    vibrant, happy life.

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